Makes donating easy
Donation checkouts made for modern-day donors

Highly effective donation checkouts that capture donations no matter where your non-profit engages with modern-day donors. Developers supported.

Lincoln Foodbank
Lincoln Central Mosque & Cultural Centre
Acts Trust

High converting donations at your finger tips.

92% cover fees
Most donors cover the fees for you
30 seconds or less donate, Gift Aid and all
2x donation values
than industry averages

Supporting Developers to empower non-profits

Say goodbye to building donation checkouts from scratch.Move faster with your non-profit projects with everything you need for them to succeed with donations.

Transform the way you fundraise and start capturing more from modern-day donors today!
Everything your donations need

Features to capture donations anywhere you engage with the modern-day donor.

Whether that be on your website or any other touch points and channels in your non-profit, Everfund makes sure modern-day donors always have a fast and easy way to donate that works for them, and you.


Effortless payment methods

Process donations with smart card payment forms, and Apple and Google Pay to maximise donation capture in the fastest time.


Learn what works best

View donation activities, see where your fundraising works best, and take action using multiple donation checkouts for your appeals.


Automatic donation emails

Everfund automatically sends donors email receipts for their records and also sends reminders for those donating monthly.

Capture donations with the best experience for modern-day donors.