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6 Tips to increase your online donations

Hannah Calvert
Hannah Calvert

Online fundraising has become much more prevalent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and charities are seeing a significant switch to cashless donations. Therefore, it is vital that charities embrace digital fundraising new approach in order to keep up with changing donation habits.

1. Optimise your donation portal for any device:

Analysis has found that charities lose £1.5 billion in donations in a year due to poor mobile websites. This is due to a high ‘bounce rate’ which involves potential donors visiting a charity’s site using their phone but quickly leaving due to the inadequate user experience. over 60% of visitors are viewing websites on their mobile devices, and that number is only expected to rise in the coming years. Therefore, device optimization allows you to create more donation opportunities and increase the fundraising reach of your appeals.

2. Make donation widgets prominent and clearly displayed:

Potential donors may become discouraged and drop off if they struggle to find the donation widget easily. It is important that donation widgets are easily found so that the donor doesn’t have to work hard. Charities should work to remove as many barriers to donating as possible.

3. Keep your donors on your website when they donate:

Sending donors to another website to complete the donation may cause confusion and discourage donations. By directing donors to other sites, you are losing valuable website visitors and the content you have worked hard to create may not be seen once the donation has been made.

4. Make the donation process as fast as possible with minimal screens and clicks:

Streamline the donation process and allow donors to make fast, easy donations so they are more likely to complete the donation process. Countless donors drop off before completing their donation because the process is often overly complicated and lengthy when using traditional fundraising platforms. Therefore, having a seamless donation process is crucial to capturing the maximum amount of donations.

5. Implement popular digital wallet services such as Apple Pay and Google pay:

These modern payment methods allow donors to make even faster donations and maximise conversions. For example, Apple pay allows payment information to be auto-filled, avoiding the time-consuming process of filling out multiple forms.

6. Take Gift Aid and marketing consent:

Gift Aid is crucial as it will allow you to raise more income. Everfund will remember donors who have previously visited the platform, so they won’t have to declare Gift Aid each time they donate with you. Gaining marketing consent is also great for encouraging recurring donations because you can stay in touch with donors who may support you in the long run.