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Direct Debits are live, plus new Supporter view!

Christopher Burns
Christopher Burns

We've upgraded Everfund's payment options with Direct Debits for monthly recurring donations, created a new supporter view on the dashboard, and made bug fixes for user experience, stability and performance!

Direct Debits 🔁

With Direct Debits now implemented into Everfund, you'll now see a Monthly button on the Donation Amount page of your donation links. You don't need to do anything to activate them as they are already on your donation links. Our fees for Direct Debits are the same as our normal single donations at 3%, and our payment partner takes 1%, at 20p min and £2 max. Direct Debit donations work on a monthly cycle and will appear in the dashboard as Monthly as a donation type. At first, they will appear as Pending until the Direct Debit payment processes and will then change to Succeeded once it hits your Everfund account.

Supporter view 🧘

We've also upgraded Everfund's dashboard to include our Supporters view to allow you to view your donor's long-term involvement with your charity as individuals. When they consent to marketing you'll see their full details, if they don't, they are left anonymous to protect data in line with GDPR.

Quick call to help maximise your regular giving?

If you'd like to discuss how you can launch a regular giving campaign with Everfund, we can arrange a quick call to see how you can maximise this new feature and create sustainable fundraising in your charity. Contact Will via email or send us a message on our chatbot to arrange a call.