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How doing the work for your donors can increase donation conversions

Hannah Calvert
Hannah Calvert

Donor experience

A fast, easy and simple donor experience should be at the heart of your fundraising choices. Not only should it feel effortless to navigate through your donation page no matter what device your donors are on, but it should also have a minimal amount of clicks, scrolling, screens to go through and content to read.

Charity website donation portals are often slow, commonly taking 7-10 minutes to complete. They are also often difficult to complete, causing frustration and confusion. This negative donor experience may result in loss of donations as the donor may drop off halfway through. Therefore, facilitating a seamless donor experience is vital for increasing donations.

Payment experience and doing the work for the donor

Modern payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many other mobile payment wallets, along with slick and smart card payment forms, radically speed up a donation to seconds and allow a donor to make a donation quickly.

These types of payment methods have become intrinsically embedded in most places we can make a payment and it's because people like using it, why should it be different when making a donation?

Technologies can fill out your donation portals for the donor such as securely scanning debit/credit numbers using the donor’s mobile device camera and mobile wallet integrations that make it that easy to make a donation in less than 30 seconds.

Recurring income

Providing a single and recurring donation opportunity within the same donation page present with every donation opportunity you have can make a significant impact on your long term income. With recurring donations run through Direct Debits, on average a 3% of donors drop out per year, meaning that if we have 100 donors make a recurring donation to you within a year, only 3 of them will have stopped by the end of it. Implementing this recurring donation method across all charity touchpoints using donation links will create a sustainable fundraising strategy.

Tracking Performance and learning what works best

Understanding where donors come from and what got them to donate is crucial information that should guide your fundraising strategy. Better understanding donors and their actions allows you as a charity to make informed decisions and focus your energy and budget on the right audience.

Everfund’s donation links allow you to track the performance of specific parts of your fundraising campaigns by creating multiple links for each of your channels, appeals and touchpoints. This is a very important part of successful fundraising, because you can determine what is working well and what isn’t.

You'll see the most important real-time data such as how much each donation link raised in a given time, what the conversion rates are, the Gift Aid, marketing consent rates, and the single to recurring donation split. You'll be able to make more informed decisions, optimise campaigns in real-time and make a significant difference to your charity's fundraising results, without doing much work at all!