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Implement donation systems in minutes.

Everfund is the plug and play donation checkout that's easy to start and scales effortlessly

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Easily integrate, ship faster

Donation are so much more than just payments. Remove the hidden dip and let Everfund handle the complex work to get back to making the best website possible.


Use the tools you love

Everfund does not tie you down to only one framework or language so you can empower non-profits with the modern technologies you're used to like React, Vue, WordPress...

Don't worry about creating a donation system from scratch, integrate Everfund in minutes.
Everything you need

All the features for successful donations, at your fingertips.

We've optimised our donation checkouts with all the features that the modern-day donor needs so you can work on other things that matter most to your non-profit project.


Single and Recurring donations

Single and recurring donations without integrating multiple services.


GDPR Marketing Consent

Implement GDPR friendly marketing consent without the worry of getting it right.


Non-profit Dashboard

A full, functional and innovative dashboard to track donations and manage accounts for non-profits.


Always up to date

No matter what technology is added or removed, we're always up to date for every donation.


Gift Aid capture

Gift Aid eligible non-profits can capture it without you grasping what on earth it means!


Apple and Google Pay

Modern payment methods for modern-day donors for lightening fast donations.

Start today and get your non-profit projects moving fast.